curb side pick up, takeaway and patio seating (weather permitting)

Sparrows are always in groups. They draw strength from one another and find protection in the shelter of each other. Our little family is the same. We never leave each other. We support each other through everything—celebrating our wins together and standing by each other’s side during the toughest of times.

Our boys have grown up at City Perks, working alongside us. They have gathered around tables over the years, offering their help to the staff and watching our guests visit with friends. It’s a home away from home—a place where our family has shared moments of joy and connection and formed lasting relationships that extend far beyond the limits of our immediate family.

Very recently, our family spent 3.5 years rallying behind our middle son, Roan, as he fought cancer, and won. During his ongoing treatment, Roan was incredibly vulnerable to infection. So to best support his recovery, our family spent much of that time isolated from our beloved cafe, City Perks, and from our customers and staff. We worked from home so as not to bring any harmful pathogens into contact with Roan. Through the love and support of our community – our staff and loyal clientele – we were able to keep the cafe running even when we couldn’t physically be there and when we were completely worn out by it all. As we protected our family, our wider community showed us the same support.

Sparrow is the answer to a need to grow. In a practical sense, we needed to expand our space and build our own commercial kitchen to service both cafes along with our ever growing catering business. But more than that, Sparrow is born out of our family’s need to rise up and show cancer, and ourselves, that we can do this! Much like sparrows, our family has an indomitable spirit. We too are strong. We too are creative. And we too are a force to be reckoned with!

And so, it is with this renewed passion that we bring you Sparrow cafe. We’ve very intentionally created Sparrow as a warm, inviting space where you can retreat from the chaos of life and gather with your loved ones and peers. We want you to feel cared for and to know that you matter here. Let us nourish you with fabulous meals and treats, so that you can relax and focus on your creative projects, your business meetings, or your rendezvous with old friends.

Whatever brings you here, you will be taken good care of.